St. Rita School Lessons

6th Grade

Introduction to Imagination Theme (1)
  • Theme of the Year: Imagination Kick-Off
Adv: Digital Citizenship (8)
  • Students learn about Digital Citizenship through videos- games and discussion.
Web Development (7)
  • Web Page Remix
  • Top Ten List
  • All About Me Avatar Card
  • Building Blocks with Animation
  • Silly Story Creator
  • Interactive Story
  • Final Design Portfolio
2D Game Design (10)
  • Intro and Game Planning
  • Level Design
  • Playable Character
  • Platforms
  • Animations
  • Collection
  • Enemies
  • You Win Game Over
  • Lives
  • Scrolling Level
Mobile App Design (6)
  • Intro to MAD
  • Collect Information
  • Prototype
  • User Feedback
  • Improve Design
  • App Landing Page
Physical Computing (8)
  • Intro to Tinkercad Circuits
  • LED Button, Flashlight, and Cycle Button
  • Four Note Piano with Synced LED
  • Button Siren, LED Fade, and Automatic Siren
  • LED Fade and Tune LED Colors with Button
  • Dice Roll and Sound Samples
  • Coin Toss
  • Drag Race Reaction Timer
Adv: Virtual Reality Game-Making (Unity 3D) (8)
  • Students use Unity to create their very own 3D virtual reality game that immerses the player into a virtual world
Adv: Robotics Programming (8)
  • Students use Tetrix robotic kits to program- design and build a robot.
Adv: 3D Printing (8)
  • Students use 3D modeling software to create 3D-printer-ready models.
Hour of Code Week (1)
  • Lesson 1